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Facility and Technology Long-Range Planning

Goal: The district will provide adequate classroom learning space while maintaining existing buildings and infrastructure, as well as optimal student access to technology to enhance student learning.

Strategies to support this goal include:

  • Determine current and future infrastructure needs for technology devices and systems.
  • Determine current and future enrollment needs.
  • Determine maintenance needs of current facilities and effective classroom space utilization.

Indicators of success include, but are not limited to:

The district will develop a conceptual plan to accommodate increased enrollment and programming needs at all grade levels.

The district will increase student access to online curricular resources.

The district will develop a plan to increase access to technology by matching devices to the specific learning needs of students and staff.

The district will review the current roof and asphalt repair plans by the 2018-19 school year.

Action steps and learning activities underway:

  • Installed WIFI access points throughout our facilities to supplement existing infrastructure.
  • Developed a preliminary facility design and space programming for potential referenda.
  • Conduct a second community survey to address support and verify education efforts.