Taxpayers receive significant return on investment

Hamilton School District has a strong reputation as a student-centered organization that delivers an excellent, well-rounded education. Wise fiscal decisions have led to a high return on taxpayer investment. Consider:

  • Among Wisconsin’s 467 K-12 school districts, Hamilton had the sixth highest rating on the State Report Card.
  • Hamilton’s Aa1 bond rating by Moody’s Investor Services places it in the top five percent of Wisconsin school districts in terms of financial health.
  • Since the Seniors & Students Program began, senior citizen volunteers have contributed more than 113,000 hours at a monetary value of more than $2.3 million.
  • The Hamilton Education Foundation has issued more than $1.4 million in grants since it was established in 1991.








  • The district mil rate is less than half of what it was in 1992.
  • In the last five years alone, the district mil rate has dropped $1.85 or $185 per $100,000 of property.
  • If the referendum questions are approved, the new tax rate would be 48 cents lower than it was in 2012

Comparisons to area districts:

Hamilton’s achievement high, spending low

State school report card Tax rate Per pupil spending
School district State score School district Mil rate School district $ per pupil
Hamilton 88.1 Menomonee Falls 11.25 New Berlin 14,337
Muskego-Norway 87.1 Palmyra-Eagle 10.90 Menomonee Falls 13,887
Elmbrook 86.8 New Berlin 10.83 Elmbrook 13,651
New Berlin 84.7 Kettle Moraine 10.08 Kettle Moraine 13,272
Kettle Moraine 84.5 Oconomowoc 10.02 Arrowhead* 13,014
Mukwonago 81.8 Pewaukee 10.01 Palmyra-Eagle 12,854
Arrowhead 81.7* Elmbrook 9.99 Pewaukee 12,275
Menomonee Falls 80.9 Muskego-Norway 9.49 Muskego-Norway 12,045
Pewaukee 78.8 Arrowhead 8.99* Waukesha 11,846
Oconomowoc 78.6 Germantown 8.91 Oconomowoc 11,759
Germantown 76.7 Mukwonago 8.75 Hamilton 11,758
Palmyra-Eagle 73.8 Hamilton 8.55 Germantown 11,539
Waukesha 69.7 Waukesha 8.21 Mukwonago 11,210

Based on latest available information. *Arrowhead is a grades 9-12 high school, not a K-12 district. State score – Arrowhead High School only, all others are K-12 district scores. Mil rate and per pupil spending – Arrowhead plus average mil rate of seven K-8 feeder schools.