Referendum provides solution to classroom space needs

While many area school districts faced declining enrollments in the last two decades, the Hamilton School District experienced consistent slow growth. With current enrollment at 4,860, the district has 1,090 more students than when Woodside Elementary School — the last school the district built — opened in 1999. Recent residential developments are accelerating enrollment growth beyond what additions can now resolve.

  • Higher enrollments were accomodated from 2012-2015 without going to referendum or incurring debt with additions at Hamilton High School, Woodside and Marcy Elementary Schools.
  • Future enrollment growth cannot be addressed through additions to existing facilities. A new intermediate school and high school renovation-expansion projects are proposed.
  • Existing facilities are in excellent shape thanks to an ongoing maintenance plan. Unlike many school districts, Hamilton is considering a referendum due to increased enrollments, not to address delayed or neglected maintenance.
  • Energy conservation programs implemented from 2001 to 2015 avoided $2 million of costs