Citizens to vote on proposed solutions

In response to growing enrollment and an outdated technical education area, the 50-member Community Facilities Advisory Committee recommended that the district seek voter approval for three facilities projects and operational costs. The facilities projects will be presented in one question, and the operational costs will appear as a separate question, as required by state law.


Applied engineering & technology (AET) renovation

Cost: $3.6 million – renovation
$1.3 million – equipment

The applied engineering and technology (AET) area would be renovated and expanded, and equipment replaced.

  • 32% of high school students take an AET class – nearly 500 students each year.
  • Classrooms and equipment are original to the school built in 1962.
  • Skilled employees with AET experience are needed. The district collaborated with businesses to create a new vision that meets the demands of today‚Äôs work world and gives our students an advantage.
  • Current facilities and equipment prevent the new vision from being fully implemented.

High school classroom expansion

Cost: $9.6 million

  • Provides an additional 15 classrooms, sufficient for the foreseeable future.
  • Classrooms would accommodate courses in – applied mathematics and science, – career training, – technical classes, – music and perf0rming arts.
  • Improves school safety.
  • Reconfigures office areas to allow for public visitors without compromising building security.
  • 10-classroom addition completed in 2014 is already full and nine teachers do not have their own classrooms.


New intermediate school for grades 5-6

Cost: $42.9 million

Intermediate school would:

  • Solve classroom space issues from kindergarten to grade 8 in the MOST economical manner by taking grade 5 from elementary schools and grade 6 from middle school.
  • Focus on needs of students in grades 5 & 6.
  • Keep students of similar maturity levels together.
  • Be built on district-owned land on Silver Spring Drive east of Templeton and south of Hamilton.
  • Consolidate resources for the benefit of fifth- and sixth-graders across the district.

Operating costs for new intermediate school

Annual cost: $1.5 million

  • The district would not be able to open a new school without approval of operational costs.
  • State law requires that operational costs be a separate question from facility projects in a referendum.
  • Operational costs are necessary to operate and maintain a school. They fund transportation, a staffed health room, office and administrative staff, reading specialist, guidance counselor, social worker and others who support students. The expenses provide a school that is cleaned, heated, cooled, insured and maintained.