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Use of Cameras on Buses

The Hamilton School District uses video cameras on school buses to reduce disciplinary problems and vandalism on the bus and allow bus drivers to focus on driving.

Only the bus company manager, bus drivers, district administrators and School Board members are authorized to view the videotape which includes audio to document a problem and determine the students involved. Disciplinary action may be taken based on video and audio documentation in accordance with board policies. The isolated segment of the videotape that documents the incident may be viewed by the identified students and their parents or guardians. Administrators will view the tape with students and their parents or guardians and document the date and names of those viewing the tape.

The tape will not be available for viewing by the public in general, the news media or other individuals. The superintendent may authorize school personnel to view a segment of a specific tape if they are working with the students because of behavioral, emotional or learning problems. A log will be kept of those viewing the tape.