District efforts to prevent drug use

Question: I have heard rumors about incidents of student drug use. I do not know what to believe. Are drugs a problem among our students? What is the district doing to prevent these issues?


Answer: All schools that educate adolescents deal with issues regarding use of drugs and alcohol. While recent statewide statistics show a reduction in alcohol and drug use among students, schools must be vigilante in keeping the focus on prevention and applying consequences when students make bad choices.

In the Hamilton School District, we take a proactive stance to prevent alcohol and drug use and keep our students safe. You’ve probably seen notices for the “Get Connected” parent programs that are available. In fact, next year’s evening “Get Connected” workshops are determined and we would love to see you there. “All About Parenting” is another way we try to arm parents with information so they can help in the fight against alcohol and drugs.

Even more of our focus is on providing services for students. We offer classroom guidance, individual counseling, speakers and more – all in an effort to create a safe environment in which students will make wise, healthy choices.

There are rare instances when a student makes a poor choice. When a student is disciplined for any reason, the specific information is confidential. While parents may hear rumors, this is when they must trust that the issue will be taken care of in a timely and effective manner. School leaders are guided by School Board policy to determine what action to take in matters involving alcohol and drugs. It states:

No student may use, possess, distribute, sell or be under the influence of any quantity of drugs, inhalants or intoxicants while on school property, while involved in any school-related activity or while not on school property is such conduct endangers the property, health or safety of others at school or a school activity.

The possession, use, distribution, or sale of look-alike drugs, the misuse of products containing alcohol, and the possession of drug paraphernalia are prohibited. The distribution of prescription or over the counter medication is also prohibited.

Students who violate this policy, or refuse to submit to required breath testing for the presence of alcohol, shall be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with established procedures as well as referral to the appropriate law enforcement authorities.