Clubs and activities

Clubs and activities

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Club advisors

Academic Decathlon – Mr. Pechanach

The Academic Decathlon is a team competition wherein students match their intellects with students from other schools. Students are tested in ten categories: Art, Economics, Essay, Interview, Language and Literature, Mathematics, Music, Science, Social Science, and Speech.

Academic Decathlon is a ten-event scholastic competition for teams of high school students. Like the decathlon athletic contest, the Academic Decathlon does not permit participants to specialize, but rather encourages academic versatility by requiring students to prepare for all ten events. Each high school enters a team of nine students: 3 “A” or Honor students, 3 “B” or Scholastic students, and 3 “C” or Varsity students.  Winning teams advance through the local, regional, and state levels of competition. The state champions compete at the national finals. $45 fee.

Art Club – Ms. Acuff

Art Club offers students a chance to experience the visual venues available within driving distance.  The club takes once a month field trips to art museums and galleries.  On the schedule regularly are the Milwaukee Art Museum, John Michael Kohler Art Center and the Chicago Art Institute. Other galleries and small museums are selected based on the exhibition calendars. The club is open to art and non art students in the hopes to build cultural literacy and an appreciation for the visual arts in all students. Art club members are of assistance to district art teachers when it comes to handling and set up of student art for the district art show.

Band – Mr. Waite

Band offers the following groups: Jazz Band performs at school events; Marching Band performs for the home football games and community parades; Pep Band performs for various winter sporting events held at home.

Book Group (A Novel Idea) – Ms. Gorski/Ms. Otto

The Book Group is open to all students who love to read and would like to discuss books that they have read with other students. We will meet once a month during advisement to read and discuss books selected by the members. We read all genres – realistic, historical, fantasy, science fiction, mysteries, short stories, and nonfiction.

If you like to read, and talk about books with your friends, come join the Hamilton Book Group and share ideas on what you would like to read for the upcoming months.

Bowling Club – Mr. Brinkman

Our bowling club is part of the Wisconsin High School Bowling Club (District 1) and at this time is not sanctioned by the WIAA. The bowlers compete weekly against other area high schools. Students bowl Baker format and the winner is determined by the best of 9 games. Tryouts are held at the end of October and practices begin in November.  All season practice sessions are held on Mondays and Wednesdays at Sussex Bowl. Matches take place on Thursdays and Saturdays in the Milwaukee area. Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from practices and matches.  Regular competition ends mid-February and High School State is the first weekend in March. High school state team and individual bids come from season standings and the conference tournament. Scholarship money is available through tournaments. No prior knowledge of bowling is needed but it is helpful. Having your own equipment is helpful but not necessary; most students end up purchasing their own ball, however. We also fundraise to help with the costs of competition, practice, uniforms, and banquet. $45 fee.

Charger Robotics Team 537 – Ms. Hinytz

FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) is an international organization with a goal to build science and technology skills in today’s students. Regional competitions are held all over the United States. Annually, there is a Championship event that hosts qualifying teams from regional competitions. Currently there are over 2000 teams from the U.S., Canada, South America, Europe and Israel.

Charger Robotics Team 537 is a group of Hamilton High School students working to build a robot in a six week time frame. Students and faculty work with mentoring representatives from local companies and businesses including GE Healthcare, Rockwell Automation, QuadTech, JCPenney and other professionals from the community. These students involved are responsible for designing, fabricating, wiring, programming and integrating additional components to create a fully functional robot. This robot will be used in a competitive environment to accomplish a specific set of challenges. Every year our game challenge changes and we have to start from scratch. In addition to robot fabrication tasks, the team is treated as a business and involves several non-mechanical positions. These positions include animation, video, web design and marketing. Students will be using professional animating software, and fundraise to promote and market the team. Please note – this is a year-round commitment. $45 fee.

Chargerettes (Poms) – Ms. Ronk

The Poms/Dance Team performs at all home basketball and football games, as well as competes at numerous competitions across the state. This is a rigorous athletic and competitive program, with a regular practice schedule. Tryouts are held in the spring for the following year. $45 fee.

CTV (Charger Television)  – Mr. Washbush

Students in CTV – Charger Television explore their interest in film making, video production, audio production, animation, and broadcast journalism.  CTV members assist the video and audio needs of the school district by shooting and editing projects, producing DVDs, providing tech support for drama productions, and broadcasting graduation ceremonies.  Members also can explore and create their own productions of animations, short films, music videos, etc.  CTV sponsors a student film contest and is developing a community wide talent telethon.

Cheerleading – Ms. Kendall

Our highly competitive cheerleading squads perform during home games for football, basketball and wrestling, as well as at several competitions throughout the year.  All students interested in competitive cheerleading are encouraged to try out.  Tryouts are held in spring for the following fall and winter seasons. $45 fee.

Chess Club – Mr. Moeller

Chess Club was started in 2001. Club members will learn the love of the game through the eyes of a creative and energetic advisor, who is an avid player.  Club members will play on tournament boards, with and without clocks, during meetings. Members will compete and learn strategies, with hopes of competing with other area high schools in tournaments. Both girls and boys are welcome to participate!  Remember, chess is not just a game – it is a way of life! $15 fee.

Club Action – Mr. Krill/Ms. Belot

Club Action’s motto is “be aware, take action, create change.”  Club Action explores issues of interest within the broader themes of human rights, animal rights, and environmental concerns.  Once issues are thoroughly discussed, the club attempts to create positive change both locally and globally through respectful and considerate methods of activism.

We typically meet twice per month during advisement for planning meetings and after school for events or fieldtrips.  There are no specific requirements other than to come with an open mind and be prepared to follow through with Club initiatives.  The only payment involved is for club t-shirts and a few field trips.

Club Success – Ms. Otto

Club Success is Hamilton’s free after-school homework program.  Held in Lab 54 from 2:45-4:15, Club Success is a guided study hall where students can work in a quiet environment with access to classroom teachers and computers.  Students can sign up for one or two days a week; applications are due before students attend.

Club Unique – Ms. Bova Brown

The aim of Club Unique is to foster and promote improved relations among the many racial, social, and cultural groups in the school. The club plans activities which raise awareness of multi-cultural and human relations issues among students and staff; recognize unique and shared beliefs; and promote respect for all people in the school and in the community. Some of the activities include viewing and discussing appropriate films, planning and giving presentations in other schools, and sponsoring other school-wide informational programs. The club was established in December 1992.

Cultural Exchange Club – TBD

CEC promotes awareness and understanding of other people and cultures in our global society by providing support to our exchange students and opportunities for club members to get to know one another, cooperate on projects and have fun. Members enjoy field trips and activities such as working at our annual craft fair, sponsoring a school dance, traveling to Great America, seeing a play, and other joint ventures with Cultural Exchange Clubs in our area, such as trips to Chicago, the Folk Fair, Milwaukee Week and more.

All Hamilton students are welcome to participate. There are no special requirements other than to meet the general eligibility guidelines that are in effect for all co-curricular activities. There is no requirement to become an exchange student or speak a foreign language.

The club has organizational meetings once per month with several activities planned, ranging from a field trip, pot luck supper, helping out with a meal program or playing Bingo with residents of a local nursing home. Club members have considerable input into the year’s activities and benefit from the active support of the Cultural Exchange Club.

HHS has hosted students from various countries all over the world. The Cultural Exchange Club has provided financial and social support to all of the exchange students who attend Hamilton, regardless of their program affiliation, as well as to Hamilton students who wish to become exchange students.  Members of the Cultural Exchange Club have the satisfaction of contributing to a better understanding between people of the world and ultimately to world peace. They learn to value diversity and appreciate a larger world view.

DECA – Mr. Hay

DECA is a marketing and business organization made up of students. It is a basic component of a Marketing Education program that supports and enhances related school based and work based learning. DECA provides students with skills and knowledge to succeed in the new global economy.  It is a local, state and national organization of goal-oriented youth with career interests in marketing, hospitality, finance, and business administration.

DECA holds monthly meetings during advisement to plan outings, prepare for competitions, and learn more about the business world. DECA members plan local events and also have the opportunity to compete at district, state, and national competitions.

Drama – Ms. Brigham

Participation in drama activities is open to all students no matter what grade level. Students can be involved in four major productions throughout the year:  a one-act play in the fall, two plays (Fall and Spring), and a musical in the winter. Students should not only try for a part in a production, but also involve themselves backstage (on crew), lights, sound, student directors, stage managers, costume assistants, or working in the front of house.  $45 fee.

Drama Club – Ms. Brigham

The club generally meets every two weeks to organize group outings to plays, to support drama activities at the school, and to have fun doing improvisational games (such as theater sports.)  Students also participate in workshops like stage combat, stage make-up, and improvisational theater. Drama club’s main function, however, is the support of drama activities at the school through fundraising, workshops and the year-end awards ceremony.  Drama club participation is independent of play participation; students may join one or both.  $45 fee.

Executive Board (Student Government) – Ms. Draeger

Members consist of the Executive members of the Student Council. Board members organize mini-council groups who plan monthly events for the student body and pass the information on to each of the elected class representatives from freshman through seniors. Each class has their own President and Vice-President on the Executive Board. Executive Board members are elected positions and meet once a month to discuss ideas and upcoming events.

FIRST – See Charger Robotics

Forensics – TBD

Our forensics team competes in interpretive and public speaking events and students travel to approximately ten tournaments during the season. Team members can participate in one of 19 categories, ranging from acting out a cutting from a play to reading prose or poetry to presenting an informative or persuasive speech.

The Forensic team meets after school, beginning practice in early December, with competitions from January through April. Tournaments are held Saturday mornings with three preliminary rounds followed by a power round in each category.  Students can also qualify to attend state and national tournaments. $45 fee.

French Club – Mr. Tennessen

The ability to speak another language brings us closer to people around the world. French Club seeks to promote understanding of the French language and increase knowledge of the vast francophone world.  French Club activities will include parties and cultural events to celebrate francophone culture. Members will share ownership of activities, fundraisers, and field trips.  

German Club   (Deutsch Club) – Ms. Klein

This club works to promote interest in the German language and culture through various activities throughout the year. Activities include service projects such as the annual sweater drive and school-wide holiday celebrations.  German Club members are offered various field trips for cultural events and social outings like the trip to Chicago for the German Christmas Market and our annual Maifest. A couple of our favorite fundraisers are the Talent Show, Brat Fry and the annual Mai Fest for all members. German Club also supports the bi-annual German American Partnership Program (GAPP) exchange with the Johannes-Kepler Prep-School in Reutlingen, Germany.

Graphic Arts Club – Mr. Schleuter

The Hamilton Graphics Arts Club exists to provide opportunities for students to develop and improve skills related to desktop publishing, multi-color screen printing and multi-color press work which cannot reasonably be accomplished during the school day. The Graphic Arts Club also offers former photography students and yearbook staff members a chance to print photos of school activities which may be in the school yearbook.

Membership is open to current graphic arts students or those who have completed a graphic arts/photography course with a grade of “B” or better. Students who can demonstrate a basic understanding of photography and darkroom work may be accepted for membership. Individual and group refresher help will be provided as necessary.

Intramural Basketball – Mr. Gosz

Intramurals enables boys and girls who are not members of interscholastic basketball teams to participate in basketball games on a recreational level.  Teams are co-ed.  Games usually held in the afternoon and early evening, from December through late February. Fee varies.

NHS (National Honor Society) – Ms. Swanson

The Hamilton Chapter of the National Honor Society is an organization to which members are selected to join based on scholarship, leadership, service and character. The main thrust of the chapter is service, to the school, to the community. All chapter members become involved in a variety of activities to earn a service award each year. Monthly meetings bring all the committee work to focus as well as set the pace for new projects. The chapter has a busy calendar of money-making, receptions, food for the needy, toys for tots, breakfasts, and a myriad of other projects.

Photo Club –  Ms. Acuff

Student photographers are trained for work on the school yearbook, capturing events such as the homecoming pep rally. Photo Club members practice the basic rules of good photography in a photojournalism process. They plan, organize, and take club activity ID pictures, as well as daily events at HHS.

RAY (Rainbow Alliance for Youth) – Ms. Bova Brown

Our purposes are to encourage mutual respect between all students, and, regardless of sexual orientation; to encourage understanding and implementation of school policy with respect to nondiscrimination; to improve the climate and safety of Hamilton High School.

RAY is a student-led and student-organized school club that aims to create a welcoming and accepting school environment for all youth. We cooperatively address issues that affect all students, including harassment, discrimination and bias based on sexual orientation.  We focus on social activities, and education to improve tolerance.

Robotics  (see FIRST)

Show Choir – Ms. Mascitti

Show Choir is an extra-curricular co-ed vocal group that meets twice a week after school in the fall to learn vocal music and choreography for performance, and hopefully soon, for competition!  Music selections include pop, rock and Broadway pieces.  There are many opportunities for solos – both dancing and singing.  Auditions for 2013-2014 will be held in May or at the beginning of September.

Ski & Snowboard Club – Mr. Roth

Open to any student who wants to ski or snowboard at area hills.Approzimately four trips take place in December, January and February. Parents are encouraged to chaperone, either officially or by meeting the group at the hill. Beginners are required to take a lesson during the first trip. Additional lessons for beginners to advanced skiers and snowboarders are available with prior notice per trip. Cost of trip includeslift ticket and round trip bus transportation from HHS. Students who don’t have their own ski or snowboard equipment can rent for an additional fee. The application packet with information, prices and sign-up forms on outings will be available through daily class announcements. Ticket/rental/bus fees vary.

Spanish Club –Ms. Green

The purpose of the club is the enjoyment of the Spanish language and the cultures related to the Spanish-speaking countries of the world.  We sponsor a needy Hispanic family for Christmas, go to Mexican restaurants, and look for events which pertain to the Hispanic culture.  We also do a holiday outing to a show downtown. The students are encouraged to come up with ideas for activities. Spanish Club is open to all students, whether or not they are taking Spanish.

Student Council – Ms. Draeger

This organization is the student governing body in the high school. The purpose is to represent the student views and concerns regarding their rights and responsibilities, to establish good communication between the administration and the students, to promote and develop more school spirit and loyalty, to keep the pupil-faculty relationship at its best, to stimulate the American ideals of self-government and democratic citizenship, and to strive to ensure the welfare of the school.

Hamilton currently has an open council and strongly encourages any interested student to join.  Elections for officer positions are held in the spring for the sophomore, junior, and senior classes. Activities include homecoming activities, Spirit Week plans, food drives, charitable fund-raisers, blood drives, teacher and student morale boosters, dances and other activities, Greater Metro Conference Student Council activities and other school and community activities, as ideas are presented. Student Council will also support other clubs and organizations that need help in planning and financing an activity. A member of Student Council will attend School Board meetings and promote communication between the two groups. Student Council has official meetings once a month for the distribution of information and gathering of ideas. Additional meetings are required during the summer and planning stages for major events such as Homecoming.

Project Caring – Ms. Gorski/Ms. Rankin

Project Caring will inspire students to create quilts, hats, scarves and other items for those in need. All skill levels welcome – based on their interests, students will learn and/or strengthen their skills in sewing, knitting and crocheting. Items will be donated to community organizations. Some equipment and materials are available for student use. Donations are welcome. Meetings are held after school twice a month on Tuesdays or Wednesdays depending on student and advisor availability.

Trap Shooting Club – Mr. Johnson

Season:  March through early June. The newly formed co-ed Hamilton Charger Trap team is part of the Scholastic Clays Target Program (SCTP). Trap shooting is a shotgun activity in which the trap shooter stands 16 yards from the “trap house” and shoots targets that fly out front at various angles. Each shooter will use five stations during each round. This provides a variety of shooting angles and 25 shots per round. We will compete against other high schools in a number of matches and tournaments, including the state tournament in June. Athletic letters will be awarded based on a point system. Members will learn and follow the safe gun handling Code of Conduct and proper shooting techniques. Participants supply their own 12 gauge shotgun, shell safety glasses and hearing protection for each practice and competition. Practices will take place at a local Gun Club in the evenings. No firearms are allowed at school.

Troubadour – Mr. Deshotels

The Troubadour is Hamilton High School’s student newspaper. We meet twice a week after school and/or during advisement all year to tell the stories of our students. Our reporters, editors and photographers give a voice and a face to our student body. We interview students and staff, and share their noteworthy experiences in a real-world product with the whole community. Participation in Troubadour will help develop writing, editing, photography and graphic design skills, and it demonstrates to others that our students are concerned about our community.

Varsity Club – Mr. Grove/Mr. Cibulka

The Varsity Club is an organization composed of Hamilton High School athletes who have won a Varsity letter in any authorized sport sponsored by the school. A letter winner is automatically a member and can choose to be active or inactive.

Our goals are to be service-oriented toward school and community needs. Our primary fundraiser is selling concessions at football and basketball games. We have sponsored two to four scholarships per year for club members. We also provide financial assistance to other clubs for improvement of Hamilton building facilities or activities, and to the community as needed.

Weightlifting – Mr. Damato

The Weightlifting/Conditioning Club is designed to provide an opportunity for Hamilton High School students/athletes to utilize the weight room facility for body building and/or physical training and conditioning. All students/athletes using the facility receive proper instruction in weight-lifting and conditioning with an individualized program. High School staff/coaches supervise the weight room during all hours of operation.

Hours: Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri from 2:30-4:30 pm.

Yearly fee of $45.

Yearbook (LANCE) – Ms. Hammer

We are known by several names, but have one main goal; to produce a top notch yearbook for Hamilton High School students. Some call us yearbook; some refer to us as Lance, the name of our annual publication. Active members contribute the following skills:

  • layout and design
  • desktop publishing
  • interviewing
  • writing
  • photography

 The staff room (20A) is open after school Monday-Thursday and is also available during advisement. Student editors have the opportunity for summer training on college campuses.  In the fall, editors and staff are invited to attend a journalism conference.

The editors look for regular participation from staff; when students make the commitment, the rewards are tremendous to both the individual and the larger school community.

* * *

The Hamilton School District does not discriminate against pupils on the basis of sex, race, national origin, ancestry, creed, pregnancy, marital or parental status, sexual orientation, or physical, mental, emotional, or learning disability or handicap in its education programs or activities.   Federal law prohibits discrimination in employment on the basis of age, race, color, national origin, sex, or handicap.