Club sports

Q:  My child is not involved in school activities or athletics, but does play on a club team. How does the school district’s athletic-activities code affect him?  Can an athlete be kicked off a private club team for use of alcohol and drugs?


A:  The school district’s Co-Curricular Code of Conduct does not affect students who are playing club sports. For example, Little League, the Sussex Soccer Club and Jay Hawks Football are club teams. They are not sponsored or funded by the district. The district does not oversee the coaching staff or the actions of the children playing on the team. Clubs have their own expectations and rules, and enforcement is their responsibility. Most club sports have boards that make decisions about the club’s operation. If you have questions or concerns, contact a person who serves on the board of the club or association. As a parent of a club team member, you have a right to make sure that the highest standards are set for your child.