2020-2021 State Assessment Requirements and Hamilton High School Dates

Test Point person Times per year Grade level Computers 2020-21 test date/window Teacher proctor duty? Description and rationale of test
MAP Math Admin. 4 Classes: Algebra, Algebra A/B, Geo Concepts, Geometry & Int. Alg YES Twice EACH semester, once at the beginning and once at the end. NO To identify students that qualify for RTI interventions, are struggling and to gather baseline data for classes.
MAP Reading Admin. 4 Any new student or student in a reading or RTI intervention YES Twice EACH semester, once at the beginning and once at the end. NO see above
PSAT K. Hasbrook 1 10th and 11th graders NO October 14, 2020 NO NOT REQUIRED, optional as a practice for the actual SAT. This is also the only way for juniors to qualify for the National Merit Scholarship Program.
Practice ACT D. Johnson 1 Junior NO November 4, 2020 YES To prep juniors for the actual ACT in the spring.
ACT H. Geracie 1 Junior NO March 9, 2021 NO Required by the state for us to administer an actual ACT to EVERY junior and pay for it. They will be able to use this score for college admission if they choose.
Forward K. Hasbrook 1 Sophomore YES March 24, 2021 YES State required assessment for social studies. Mandatory for all sophomore students.
Aspire D. Johnson 1 Freshmen AND Sophomores YES Monday, Wednesday and Friday: April 12, 14, and 16, 2021 YES State required. Pre-ACT, preps them for the actual ACT. 5 subjects. Test will be administered over 3 days. New this year we will use the 2 hour delay schedule for upperclassmen on the days of testing. Will include training for staff.
AP Testing H. Geracie 1 10th-12 graders NO May 3 – May 14, 2021 NO To assess what students learned in their AP classes as well as gives them the opportunity to score well enough to earn college credit.