School Board accepting applicants for Lannon seat

The Hamilton School Board is accepting applications from Lannon residents interested in filling the seat of member James Long. The deadline for application is Aug. 1.

School Board member James Long is recognized at his last meeting July 18 for 26 years of service on the board.

School Board member James Long is recognized at his last meeting July 18 for 26 years of service to the Hamilton School District.

Long, who has served as the Lannon representative to the School Board member since 1990, resigned his seat effective July 19. In a letter to the School Board, Long said serving on the board has been an honor and privilege.

“It has been a source of personal pride working with teachers, administrators, community members and fellow school board members to make significant progress over the years on behalf of children,” Long wrote.

The Hamilton School Board has seven seats representing five municipalities and two at-large posts. While district voters cast ballots for all the positions, candidates must live in the communities they represent. Candidates can live anywhere in the district to qualify for the at-large positions.

When a vacancy on the School Board occurs, the remaining members are responsible to appoint a qualified citizen to fill the position. The applicant appointed to the position must be a Lannon resident and will serve the remainder of Long’s term which ends in April, 2017.

The timeline to fill the vacancy includes:

  • July 18 – Aug. 1 – candidates may submit letter of application and complete Declaration of Eligibility to Hold Office as an Appointee;
  • Aug. 3 – School Board holds special meeting to interview and consider applicants;
  • Aug. 4 – School Board president informs applicant of board’s decision; and
  • Aug. 15 – Appointed applicant takes oath of office at School Board meeting.

Lannon citizens interested in applying for the position should contact the Superintendent’s Office at (262) 246-1973 x1108.

Families can apply for free, reduced lunches

The Hamilton School District announced its policy for children unable to pay the full price of meals served under the National School Lunch Program and School Breakfast Program, or milk served under the Special Milk Program.

Household size and income criteria determine eligibility. Children from families whose annual income is at or below the established levels are eligible for free and reduced price meals or free milk if a split-session student does not have access to the school lunch or breakfast service.
2016-17 federal eligibility income:

Household size Yearly ($) Monthly ($) Weekly ($)
1 21,978 1,832 423
2 29,637 2,470 570
3 37,296 3,108 718
4 44,955 3,747 865
5 52,614 4,385 1,012
6 60,273  5,023 1,160
7 67,951 5,663 1,307
8 75,647  6,304 1,455
Each add’l person 7,696 642 148

To apply for free or reduced price meals or free milk, households must fill out the application available through the Infinite Campus portal. Hard-copy applications also are available on the district website at and in school and district offices. Applications may be submitted at any time during the year.

If a household member becomes unemployed or if the household size changes and the household income falls at or below the levels shown above, the family should contact the school. Such changes may make households eligible for reduced price meals or free meals or milk, and they may reapply at that time.

In certain cases, foster children are also eligible for these benefits. If a household has foster children and wishes to apply for free or reduced price meals, the household should complete an application for a family of one or contact the school for more information.

The information provided by the household on the application is confidential. Under this program, no child will be discriminated against because of race, color, sex, national origin, age or disability.

The Hamilton School District is an equal opportunity provider. For more information, contact Kira Cerroni King, district food service manager, at (262) 246-1973 x1142.

Hamilton district plans for start of school

Hamilton School District students will begin classes Sept. 1. The district has compiled information to assist parents and students in preparation for the big day.

Registration – Parents are able to log in Aug. 1-12 with their Infinite Campus portals to verify and update information, pay school fees online and sign off on school forms. If you do not have an Infinite Campus parent portal, contact School phone numbers are:

  • Willow Springs Learning Center (4-year-old kindergarten), (262) 255-6190;
  • Lannon Elementary, (262) 255-6106;
  • Maple Avenue Elementary, (262) 246-4220;
  • Marcy Elementary, (262) 781-8283;
  • Woodside Elementary, (262) 820-1530;
  • Templeton Middle, (262) 246-6477; and
  • Hamilton High, (262) 246-6471.

If you are unsure of your school attendance area, call the district’s Public Information Office at (262) 246-1973 x1100.

Kindergarten — The district offers kindergarten programs for students who are four and five years old. The program for 4-year-olds is at Willow Spring Learning Center, and the program for 5-year-olds is at neighborhood elementary schools.

To be eligible for the optional 4-year-old kindergarten (4K) program, a child must be four years old by Sept. 1. The program runs a half day — an 8:45 – 11:15 a.m. morning session and 12:30 – 3:00 p.m. afternoon session. Willow Springs Learning Center will have a brief 4K bus orientation Aug. 25 at 5:30 p.m. for morning kindergartners and at 6:15 p.m. for afternoon kindergartners to familiarize them with riding the bus. School buses will pick up 4K students and parents at their elementary school (Lannon, Maple Avenue, Marcy or Woodside) and travel to Willow Springs. Classes at Willow Springs begin Sept. 7. The school will hold Jump Start to 4K family conferences Sept. 1, 2 and 6 with students and parents. There will be no classes for Willow Springs students on Nov. 18 and Mar. 31.

Each elementary school offers a kindergarten program for children who turn five years old by
Sept. 1. Most 5-year-olds participate in the full-day program that follows the same schedule as elementary grade school students. Some parents choose to enroll their 5-year-old in kindergarten for only the morning half of the school day.

Transportation — The bus company sends yellow postcards notifying bus riders of their routes. Postcards will be mailed the week of Aug. 22.

Breaks and last school day — Students will not have classes: break – Oct. 21; parent-teacher conferences – Nov. 21-22, Thanksgiving break – Nov. 23-25; winter break – Dec. 23-Jan. 2; teacher work day – Jan. 20; staff in-services – Feb. 10, Mar. 10; spring break – April 14-21; break – May 26 and Memorial Day – May 29. Their last day of school is June 9.

School hours — Elementary school students in grades 1-5 and full-day kindergarten begin school at 8:35 a.m. and end at 3:25 p.m.; Templeton hours are 7:25 a.m. to 2:35 p.m.; and the high school runs from 7:20 a.m. to 2:25 p.m.

Immunization — Wisconsin law requires parents to provide updated records on their children’s immunizations including: Polio, Hepatitis B, MMR and Varicella. Students entering grade 6 are also required to have had one dose of Tdap. Students must be in compliance with the required immunizations as of the first day of school. Parents should make their child’s school aware of any recently received immunizations. The schedule for required immunizations can be found at: Questions about the immunization schedule should be directed to the child’s physician or the Waukesha County Public Health Department.

School lunch program — Hamilton food service staff members are committed to producing quality meals that are nutritious and appealing to children. Lunches consist of five food items — meat, bread, two or more servings of fruit or vegetables, and milk. To reduce waste, children are offered an entire lunch but may refuse one or two items. The price for lunch remains the same whether a child takes the entire lunch or refuses an item.

Lunch menus will be listed in school newsletters, local newspapers and on the district website. Parents are asked to go over the lunch menu with their children to help them decide what to eat each day. Children should be encouraged to take at least a portion of an unfamiliar or unpopular food item.

Lunch prices for 2016-17 are: $2.60 for elementary students; $2.95 – middle school and high school students; $3.60 – adults; and 35 cents for milk.

The following are fees for the 2016-17 school year:

  • Pre-kindergarten and half-day kindergarten — $30;
  • Elementary grades, full-day kindergarten and ungraded — $60;
  • Middle school — $70;
  • High school — $85;
  • High school padlock — $5;
  • Driver education behind-the-wheel training and theory-simulation — $175 each;
  • Templeton sports — $45 per sport;
  • Hamilton sports — $55 per sport
  • Hamilton family athletic-activities pass – $75;
  • Templeton extra- and co-curriculars — $10 and $45;
  • Hamilton extra- and co-curriculars — $55;
  • Hamilton transcript – $5
  • Retake ID (during the school year) — $3; and
  • Parking — $125.

District website — The district website is at and is updated often with supply lists, newsletters, calendar, lunch menus, news releases and other information.

For more information about the Hamilton School District, contact the individual schools or the district’s Public Information Office at (262) 246-1973 x1100.