HEF receives largest donation in district’s history

Thanks to the generosity of a local grandmother, dozens of Hamilton High School graduates will have the opportunity for postsecondary education they might not otherwise have been able to afford. At the district’s Back-to-School Breakfast Aug. 29, Superintendent Kathleen Cooke announced establishment of the Hamilton Education Foundation’s Marjorie Wrezic Scholarship. Beginning in the spring of 2014 and continuing indefinitely into the future, scholarships in the amount of $4,000, renewable for a second year, will be granted. Based on market return, more than 50 scholarships are likely to be granted.

Marjorie Wrezic, grandmother to two Hamilton graduates and one current high school student, approached the Hamilton Education Foundation to set up the scholarship program because she was impressed with the quality of education her grandchildren received at Hamilton. She wanted to honor the memory of her husband, Ralph Wrezic, a successful self-made businessman who recognized the value of hard work and determination. At the back-to-school event, Cooke introduced Marjorie Wrezic and then asked specific teachers who taught her grandchildren to stand and be recognized for inspiring Wrezic’s generous scholarship program.

Hamilton Education Foundation Chairman George Semrad said establishment of a scholarship program for Hamilton graduates will complement HEF’s more than 20 years of fundraising efforts to provide resources that allow students to participate in innovative learning opportunities during their school years.

“The community fundraising events HEF hosts, including Charger Challenge and the Dinner-Auction, will continue to support technology, fine arts and other learning opportunities not available in the district budget,” Semrad said. “The scholarship program made possible through Mrs. Wrezic’s donation provides another arm for HEF to support education for students in our community.”

Charger Challenge will be held Sept. 15 at Lisbon Park and the Dinner-Auction will be March 22.

The scholarships will be available to Hamilton seniors who plan to enroll in postsecondary education as full-time student with a demonstrated financial need. Students must have at least a 3.5 grade point average, be a U.S. citizen and demonstrate community service through extracurricular activities, work, religious or volunteer activities.



Hamilton School District Superintendent and
Marjorie Wrezic announce the establishment
of the Hamilton Education Foundation Marjorie
Wrezic Scholarship Program at the Aug. 29
Back-to-School Welcome at the Hamilton Fine
Arts Center.


Hamilton School District staff members give a standing ovation to Marjorie Wrezic.


Marjorie Wrezic with two of her grandchildren,
Lauren and Ashley LaFond, and her daughter
and son-in-law, Gwen and Mike LaFond.



Charger Challenge back Sept. 15 with more mud, obstacles, fun

The Hamilton Education Foundation’s Charger Challenge, a family-oriented 4k mud run, returns Sept. 15 to Lisbon Community Park. This event, which takes place from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., is for anyone who has ever thought about trying a mud run.

An outstanding wellness activity for families or businesses, Charger Challenge lets participants crawl, slide and run through 20 obstacles along the course. In addition, a “Kids Challenge” is set up just for youngsters ages 6-10 years.

Waves will run every 20 minutes for participants ages 11 years and older on the adult course, and every 30 minutes for the “Kids Challenge.” Participants and spectators will be able to purchase concessions. All proceeds go to the Hamilton Education Foundation.

Parking the day of the event is off site with continuous shuttle bus service.

Please visit Hamiltoneducationfoundation.org to register. Those wanting to receive a Charger Challenge t-shirt must register by Sept. 6.

School Board recognizes Knapp for state award

Hamilton High School speech language pathologist Jen Knapp was recognized at the Aug. 19 Hamilton School Board meeting for receiving the Wisconsin Council of Administrators of Special Services (WCASS) Special Education Related Support Services award.

Knapp, who has been a speech language pathologist at Hamilton for seven years, was nominated by her colleagues and students. The award is presented to an individual who provides outstanding services to students with disabilities. Knapp’s nominators noted that she puts her students above herself and makes numerous contribution that have a positive impact on the lives of Hamilton students and staff.

The Wisconsin Council of Administrators of Special Services is a statewide organization devoted to improving services to children with special needs by promoting professional leadership, providing opportunities for study of issues pertaining to special services, and facilitating communication and collaboration on behalf of special needs students.




Families can apply for free, reduced lunches

The Hamilton School District announced its policy for children unable to pay the full price of meals served under the National School Lunch Program and School Breakfast Program, or milk served under the Special Milk Program. Each school office and the district office have copies of the policy for those who are interested.

Household size and income criteria determine eligibility. Children from families whose annual income is at or below the established levels are eligible for free and reduced price meals or free milk if a split-session student does not have access to the school lunch or breakfast service.


Annual income maximum for free lunch or milk

Household size — income maximum

1 — $14,521

2 — $19,669

3 — $24,817

4 — $29,965

5 — $35,113

6 — $40,261

7 — $45,409

8 — $50,557

For each additional household member, add $5,148.


Annual income range for reduced lunch or milk

Household size — income range

1 — $14,521.01 and $20,665

2 — $19,669.01 and $27,991

3 — $24,817.01 and $35,317

4 — $29,965.01 and $42,643

5 — $35,113.01 and $49,969

6 — $40,261.01 and $57,295

7 — $45,409.01 and $64,621

8 — $50,557.01 and $71,947

For each additional household member, add $5,148 to $7,326 to range.


Monthly income maximum for free lunch or milk

Household size — income maximum

1 — $1,211

2 — $1,640

3 — $2,069

4 — $2,498

5 — $2,927

6 — $3,356

7 — $3,785

8 — $4,214

For each additional household member, add $429.


Monthly income range for reduced lunch or milk

Household size — income range

1 — $1,211.01 and $1,723

2 — $1,640.01 and $2,333

3 — $2,069.01 and $2,944

4 — $2,498.01 and $3,554

5 — $2,927.01 and $4,165

6 — $3,356.01 and $4,775

7 — $3,785.01 and $5,386

8 — $4,214.01 and $5,996

For each additional household member, add $429 to $611 to range.


Application forms are being sent to all homes with a notice to parents or guardians. To apply for free or reduced price meals or free milk, households must fill out the application and return it to the school. Additional copies are available in the principal’s office in each school. Applications may be submitted at any time during the year.

If a household member becomes unemployed or if the household size changes and the household income falls at or below the levels shown above, the family should contact the school. Such changes may make households eligible for reduced price meals or free meals or milk, and they may reapply at that time.

In certain cases, foster children are also eligible for these benefits. If a household has foster children and wishes to apply for free or reduced price meals, the household should complete an application for a family of one or contact the school for more information.

The information provided by the household on the application is confidential. Under this program, no child will be discriminated against because of race, color, sex, national origin, age or disability.

For more information, contact Kira Cerroni, Hamilton School District food service manager, at (262) 246-1973 x1142.



Local soccer club contributes to new youth complex

The Pewaukee Sussex United Soccer Club announced at the Aug. 19 Hamilton School Board meeting that it will provide a sizeable donation to provide soccer equipment for the new Halquist Youth Complex being developed on school district property near the high school.

Soccer club President Brian Schmidt committed to providing $50,000 in the form of goals, nets, benches and a sports waterwheel. In addition, the Pewaukee Sussex United Soccer Club will provide an annual donation to defray the cost of field maintenance when the club uses the facility.

Hamilton School District student athletes will have priority for field scheduling, but when the field is not in use, the Pewaukee Sussex United Soccer Club will have priority for field use scheduling before other community-based youth groups or out-of-district groups.

Located south of Hamilton High School off of Town Line and Silver Spring roads in Lisbon, the new Halquist Youth Complex will become a reality thanks to the generosity of Halquist Stone Company which is providing $200,000 towards material, equipment and labor expenses. When opened in 2015, the complex will provide access to two NCAA regulation size-soccer fields and three smaller soccer fields. In addition, two Little League-sized fastpitch softball fields will be created.

Schmidt said the group was happy to be able to partner with the Hamilton School District and Halquist Stone Company on the sports complex.

“Our donation emphasizes our commitment to the growth of youth soccer and the benefit this complex will have for years to come,” he said.

Hamilton School District Superintendent Kathleen Cooke, Ph.D., said the district is deeply appreciative to the Pewaukee Sussex United Soccer Club and Halquist Stone Company.

“In these challenging financial times, community partnerships provide opportunities for our students and community that otherwise would not be available through the district budget,” Cooke said. “The generous spirit of the Halquist family and the Pewaukee Sussex United Soccer Club is to be commended.”


Hamilton schools plan for start of classes

Hamilton School District students will begin classes Sept. 3. The district has compiled information to assist parents and students in preparation for the big day.

Registration — People who are new to the district may register their children at the school they will attend. Call the individual schools to learn their office hours. School phone numbers are:

            • Willow Springs Learning Center (4-year-old kindergarten), (262) 255-6190;

            • Lannon Elementary, (262) 255-6106;

            • Maple Avenue Elementary, (262) 246-4220;

            • Marcy Elementary, (262) 781-8283;

            • Woodside Elementary, (262) 820-1530;

            • Templeton Middle, (262) 246-6477; and

            • Hamilton High, (262) 246-6471.

If you are unsure of your school attendance area, call the district’s Public Information Office at (262) 246-1973 x1100.

Kindergarten — The district offers kindergarten programs for students who are four and five years old. The program for 4-year-olds is at Willow Spring Learning Center, and the program for 5-year-olds is at neighborhood elementary schools.

To be eligible for the optional 4-year-old kindergarten (4K) program, a child must be four years old by Sept. 1. The program runs a half day — an 8:45 – 11:15 a.m. morning session and 12:30 –     3:00 p.m. afternoon session. Willow Springs Learning Center will have a brief 4K bus orientation Aug. 29 at 5:30 p.m. for morning kindergartners and at 6:15 p.m. for afternoon kindergartners to familiarize them with riding the bus. School buses will pick up 4K students and parents at their elementary school (Lannon, Maple Avenue, Marcy or Woodside) and travel to Willow Springs. Classes at Willow Springs begin Sept. 6. The school will hold Jump Start to 4K family conferences Sept. 3, 4 and 5 with students and parents.

Each elementary school offers a kindergarten program for children who turn five years old by Sept. 1. Most 5-year-olds participate in the full-day program that follows the same schedule as elementary grade school students. Some parents choose to enroll their 5-year-old in kindergarten for only the morning half of the school day.

Transportation — The bus company sends yellow postcards notifying bus riders of their routes. Postcards will be mailed the week of Aug. 26.

Breaks and last school day — Students will not have classes:  break – Oct. 25; parent-teacher conferences – Nov. 27; Thanksgiving break – Nov. 28-29; winter break – Dec. 23-Jan. 1; staff in-services – Jan. 24, Feb. 27-28; spring break – April 18-25; break – May 23 and Memorial Day – May 26. Their last day of school is June 11.

School hours — Elementary school students in grades 1-5 and full-day kindergarten begin school at 8:35 a.m. and end at 3:25 p.m.; Templeton hours are 7:25 a.m. to 2:35 p.m.; and the high school runs from 7:20 a.m. to 2:25 p.m.

Immunization — Wisconsin law requires parents to provide updated records on their children’s immunizations including DTP and Tdap, MMR and Polio, Hepatitis B and Varicella.  Students in grades 6 through 12 are required to have had one dose of Tdap.  Students in grade 12 need to have had a second dose of Varicella.  Students are required to be in compliance with the required immunizations as of the first day of school. The schedule for required immunizations can be found at:  http://www.dhs.wisconsin.gov/publications/p4/P44021.pdf.   Questions about the immunization schedule should be directed to the child’s physician or the Waukesha County Public Health Department.

School lunch program — Hamilton food service staff members are committed to producing quality meals that are nutritious and appealing to children. Lunches consist of five food items — meat, bread, two or more servings of fruit or vegetables, and milk. To reduce waste, children are offered an entire lunch but may refuse one or two items. The price for lunch remains the same whether a child takes the entire lunch or refuses an item.

Lunch menus will be listed in school newsletters, local newspapers and on the district website. Parents are asked to go over the lunch menu with their children to help them decide what to eat each day. Children should be encouraged to take at least a portion of an unfamiliar or unpopular food item.

Lunch prices for 2013-14 are: $2.40 for elementary students; $2.80 – middle school and high school students; $3.50 – adults; and 35 cents for milk.

Fees —

            The following are fees for the 2013-14 school year:

            Pre-kindergarten and half-day kindergarten — $19;

            Elementary grades, full-day kindergarten and ungraded — $55;

            Middle school — $65;

            High school — $80;

            High school padlock — $5;

            Drivers’ education behind-the-wheel training and theory-simulation — $175 each;

            Templeton sports — $35 per sport;

            Hamilton sports — $45 per sport

            Hamilton family athletic-activities pass – $75;

            Templeton extra- and co-curriculars — $10 and $35;

            Hamilton extra- and co-curriculars — $45;

            Hamilton transcript – $5

            Retake ID (during the school year) — $2; and

            Parking — $125.

Parents may pay all their children’s school and lunch fees through the E-Funds for Schools website and LunchBox. Links to E-Funds for School and LunchBox are on the district website.

District website — The district website is at www.hamilton.k12.wi.us and is updated often with supply lists, newsletters, calendar, lunch menus, news releases and other information.

For more information about the Hamilton School District, contact the individual schools or the district’s Public Information Office at (262) 246-1973 x1100.

Hamilton Band Boosters host Summer Tasting Aug. 22

Hamilton Band Boosters invites the community to enjoy a summer evening, learn about wine and support the Hamilton High School Charger Band Aug. 22 by participating in its Summer Tasting Event. Held at Tailgator’s Sports Bar & Grille, N64 W23246 West Main St. in Sussex, the event will feature a variety of wines to taste and evaluate. Participants must be at least 21 years old to attend.

Tickets are $10 and must be purchased by Aug. 13 with checks payable to Hamilton Band Boosters. Participants choose one of two hourlong time slots beginning at either 7 p.m. or 8 p.m.

For further information, contact Hamilton Band Boosters Secretary Lori Johnson at johnson3@wi.rr.com or (262) 820-1751. To reserve online go to http://chargerband.weebly.com.

iCan Shine offers bike program at Lannon

Lannon Elementary School was the location of a five-day summer program designed to teach individuals with disabilities to ride a conventional two-wheel bicycle. The iCan Bike program is offered through the iCan Shine nonprofit organization. Trained staff use adapted bicycles and a specialized instructional program to help individuals with disabilities accomplish this major milestone.

Riders, who are age eight and older, attend one 75-minute session each day for five consecutive days where they learn to ride while accompanied and encouraged by volunteer “spotters.” Over the course of the week, the bikes are continually adjusted to challenge riders appropriately as they gradually discover the skill and joy of riding. The program boasts an 80 percent success rate in helping individuals independently ride a two-wheel bicycle.

The iCan Shine organization conducted more than 90 iCan Bike programs in 2012 in 32 states and two Canadian provinces, serving nearly 2,500 individuals with disabilities. Sponsored by the Down Syndrome Association of Wisconsin and the Autism Society of Southeastern Wisconsin, the camp at Lannon served 20 campers, with one family coming from as far away as Appleton.

Hamilton High School freshman Elizabeth Hahn was one of the participants in the iCan Bike program offered at Lannon Elementary School this summer. Bikes are adapted to match the skill level of participants and continually adjusted as their skills develop. Elizabeth was successful in riding her own two-wheel bike by the end of the five-day program


LizModBikeWeb             ModifiedBikeWeb

Fund 80 levy expenses

Fund 80 is a community service fund that allows for a separate levy to fund community recreation programs that are outside of the regular curriculum or extracurricular program and open to the entire community. In Hamilton, the community fitness center and Hamilton Fine Arts Center community programs are funded through Fund 80. Expenses for these programs are:

  • Fitness center supervisor salary and benefits – $10,073;
  • Hamilton Fine Arts Center salary and benefits – $19,212 for the director and $2,300 for special events ushers.

Total estimated costs – $31,585

Total Fund 80 levy requested – $31,000

Free computer classes offered to senior citizens

Hamilton High School Student Council members are planning a free class for senior citizens interested in staying in contact with friends and family through e-mail and Facebook. The four-session course will be offered Sept. 17, 19, 24 and 26 from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. at Hamilton High School.

Student Council members Samantha Groth and Hannah Hubbel have been working during the summer with school district and Sussex representatives to plan the course for senior citizens. Hamilton students and selected guest speakers will be class presenters, and additional Student Council members will offer hands-on assistance to participants during the class.

E-mail instruction will focus on how to:

nset up an account;

nsend a message;

nattach files including photos;

nforward messages; and

nsave contacts.

During the Facebook portion of the class, participants will learn how to:

nset up a Facebook page;

npost on their own wall and others;

nestablish privacy setting to keep them safe on the web;

nuse Facebook as a news and information resource; and

ncreate and respond to events.

An added benefit will be hearing from teens who will offer practical advice on how to stay in touch with grandchildren through Facebook without breaking social media etiquette or accepted standards for sharing.

Enrollment in the course is limited to 20 senior citizens. Please call Jessi Coon or Sue Posh at (262) 246-1973 x1100 to reserve a seat.

Hamilton High School is located at W220 N6151 Town Line Rd., Sussex.