Templeton students attend leadership workshop

Several members of the Templeton Middle School Student Council, a high school student and an adult advisor took part July 10-15 in the Wisconsin Association of School Council’s (WASC) Level 1 Student Leadership Workshop at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay campus

Templeton students Andrew Kristensen, Jessica Doyle, Matthew Kline, Amanda Wagner and Danielle Barbian attended, along with Templeton teacher and Student Council Advisor Arlyn Clarksen, who served as a counselor. Courtney Konyn, a Hamilton High School student, also attended as a junior counselor.

Students who attended other summer WASC workshops included Shaun Heitman, Corie Spankowski, William Steiner, Amy Kimball and Michael Guzman.

Workshop activities emphasized communication and organizational skills, especially those skills necessary in planning, implementing and evaluating projects.

“The leadership workshop is designed to foster the development of a sound philosophy of leadership as well as increase each delegate’s leadership skills and personal self-understanding and self confidence,” said Al Ask, director of the workshop.

WASC is a statewide organization of public, private and parochial middle, junior and senior high school student council groups. In addition to sponsoring seven levels of leadership training at summer workshops, WASC provides year-round support and programs for student responsibilities and leadership development.

August 15, 2005

Hamilton ACT score highest in its history

Superintendent Kathleen Cooke announced to School Board members that the district performance on the ACT test is the highest since the district has tracked its performance on the college-entrance exam. With a composite score of 23.1, Hamilton students from the class of 2005 who took the test scored one full point above last year’s result. It is the highest score the school has seen in its composite score since 1985. Hamilton’s results were above the state composite score of 22.2. School Board members complimented Hamilton staff members for the tremendous accomplishment.

Personnel changes OK’d

In personnel business, the School Board:

  • accepted the resignations of Marcy paraprofessional Jayne Krajewski, Templeton physical education teacher James Pease, Maple paraprofessional Margaret Brumley and Templeton administrative assistant Jennifer Schramm; and
  • appointed Kelly Herbst as the Maple Avenue reading specialist, Pattie Chapman as a part-time Hamilton Special Service paraprofessional, Kelly Jurasovich as a Templeton Special Service paraprofessional, Daniel Howard as the part-time Lannon physical education teacher, Patricia Sankey as the Templeton reading specialist, Sara Sturtewagen as the replacement Maple Avenue art teacher, Melania Bauer as the Lannon part-time art teacher; Renee Kealey as the part-time Woodside and Maple Avenue music teacher, Lisa Totsky as the part-time Templeton paraprofessional and bookkeeper, Tiffany Campbel as the Maple Avenue kindergarten replacement teacher, June Prestin as a Lannon paraprofessional, Michelle Schultz as the replacement Maple Avenue fifth grade teacher, Donna Uselmann as the Early Math Support part-time teacher, John Plese as the part-time Templeton physical education teacher, Daniela Sandru as the part-time Hamilton French teacher, Karen Beyer as a Hamilton paraprofessional and Lindsey Wehr as the part-time Hamilton German teacher.

Families can apply for free, reduced lunches

The Hamilton School District announced its policy for children unable to pay the full price of meals served under the National School Lunch Program and School Breakfast Program, or milk served under the Special Milk Program. Each school office and the district office have copies of the policy for those who are interested.

Household size and income criteria determine eligibility. Children from families whose annual income is at or below the established levels are eligible for free and reduced price meals, or free milk if a split-session student does not have access to the school lunch or breakfast service.

Annual income maximum for free lunch or milk
Household size — income maximum

1 — $12,441
2 — $16,679
3 — $20,917
4 — $25,155
5 — $29,393
6 — $33,631
7 — $37,869
8 — $42,107
For each additional household member, add $4,238.

Annual income range for reduced lunch or milk
Household size — income range

1 — $12,441.01 and $17,705
2 — $16,679.01 and $23,736
3 — $20,917.01 and $29,767
4 — $25,155.01 and $35,798
5 — $29,393.01 and $41,829
6 — $33,631.01 and $47,860
7 — $37,869.01 and $53,891
8 — $42,107.01 and $59,922
For each additional household member, add $4,238 to $6,031 to range.

Monthly income maximum for free lunch or milk
Household size — income maximum

1 — $1,037
2 — $1,390
3 — $1,744
4 — $2,097
5 — $2,450
6 — $2,803
7 — $3,156
8 — $3,509
For each additional household member, add $354.

Monthly income range for reduced lunch or milk
Household size — income range

1 — $1,037.01 and $1,476
2 — $1,390.01 and $1,978
3 — $1,744.01 and $2,481
4 — $2,097.01 and $2,984
5 — $2,450.01 and $3,486
6 — $2,803.01 and $3,989
7 — $3,156.01 and $4,491
8 — $3,509.01 and $4,994
For each additional household member, add $354 to $503 to range.

Application forms are being sent to all homes with a notice to parents or guardians. To apply for free or reduced price meals or free milk, households must fill out the application and return it to the school. Additional copies are available in the principal’s office in each school. Applications may be submitted at any time during the year.

If a household member becomes unemployed or if the household size changes and the household income falls at or below the levels shown above, the family should contact the school. Such changes may make households eligible for reduced price meals or free meals or milk, and they may reapply at that time.

In certain cases, foster children are also eligible for these benefits. If a household has foster children and wishes to apply for free or reduced price meals, the household should complete an application for a family of one or contact the school for more information.

The information provided by the household on the application is confidential. Under this program, no child will be discriminated against because of race, color, sex, national origin, age or disability.