Hamilton hosts international chess master

Chess lovers rejoice! A morning of chess mania is on the docket May 7 when Hamilton High School hosts “Blitz to the Max 2005” in the Hamilton Fine Arts Center. The Hamilton Chess Club is sponsoring the event which will bring international chess master Dejan “Max” Maksimovic to Sussex.

The event will begin at 8:30 a.m. with a fast-action tournament among students chess players from area schools. The tournament features 10-minute, one-on-one games. Following the blitz tournament, Maksimovic will take on all students and interested community members in a simultaneous exhibition in which he plays all challengers at the same time.

Maksimovic will present the blitz tournament champions with their trophies and then take on the top player in a one-on-one game.

Born in Yugoslavia, Maksimovic now makes his home in Chicago. He is among the world’s highest-ranked blitz speed chess players.

Hamilton Chess Club Advisor Tim Moeller said the event will be “a blast” for students and community members who are interested in the game of chess. Moeller said enthusiasm for chess is heating up in Hamilton where this year’s varsity and junior varsity teams earned conference championships. He said Maksimovic’s appearance will help fuel the interest in chess among students.

The tournament and exhibition will be in the lobby of the Hamilton Fine Arts Center, W220 N6151 Town Line Rd., Sussex. People are invited to bring chess clocks, sets and boards for use at the event.

The blitz tournament is open to students in elementary school through high school. Community members are welcome to participate in the simultaneous exhibition. The entry fee to participate is $3, with proceeds going to the Hamilton Chess Club. Registration begins at 8 a.m. Contact Chess Club advisor Tim Moeller at (262) 246-6471 ext. 1368 or e-mail him at moelti@hamilton.k12.wi.us to preregister or for more information.

Charger Robotics succeeds at national event

The Hamilton High School Charger Robotics team concluded an outstanding season April 21-23 in Atlanta emerging as one of the elite teams in the national For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST) competition. The Charger Robotics team was selected for the No. 1-seeded alliance of the Newton Division as it culminated its seven-week competition season at the Georgia World Congress Center and the Georgia Dome. The three-team alliance that included the Chargers proceeded from the quarterfinals to the semifinals and ultimately to the Division Final competition where it was eliminated in a best-two-out-of-three round. By advancing to the Division Final, Chargers Robotics was among the top 24 teams from a field of more than 1,000 that participated in the 2005 competition. They lost only to the team that eventually went on to win the entire national competition.

Entry to the national competition was earned twice over for the Hamilton team. They qualified first at the March 12-14 St. Louis Regional competition by earning the second highest honor that FIRST bestows upon a team, the Engineering Inspiration Award. Then at the Midwest Regional in Chicago March 24-26, they came home with a victory.

Hamilton science teacher and Robotics advisor John Budish characterized this season as the best since the school began competing in FIRST robotics. A number of local corporations sponsor and mentor Hamilton’s Robotics team. In its 5-year history, the team earned nine awards and recognitions and won two regional events. Through its partnerships with GE Healthcare, Rockwell Automation and Pentair Water, it has mentored eight other teams into FIRST, hosted Lego League and mini regional events at Hamilton. In fact, at the semifinal match in Georgia, Hamilton faced an alliance that included the Pewaukee team that they mentored.

The event in Georgia was the world’s largest Robotics competition, seen by about 20,000 spectators at the scene and many more who saw it live on a NASA webcast.

FIRST was founded by Dean Kamen, inventor of the portable insulin pump, and the Segway Human Transport. Kamen believed that not enough high school students were considering careers in science and technology careers. FIRST now helps to inspire young minds in theses fields through the FIRST Lego League, the newly announced VEX Robotics Challenge and the FIRST Robotics competition. In 2004 and 2005, more than 40,000 students in 22 countries have had an opportunity to achieve in FIRST organized programs.

In collaboration with FIRST, Woodie Flowers, from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Dave Lavery, NASA’s Solar System Exploration program director, create a novel challenge each year for teams to design, build, test and then use to compete according to the rules and guidelines released at the kickoff event in January. A six-week build season then commences and teams work collaboratively with students, teachers and technology professionals.

Summer Opportunities sign-up deadline is April 29

The registration deadline for the Hamilton School District’s Summer Opportunities Program is April 29. Information about the program is available under the “District” section on the district web site at www.hamilton.k12.wi.us.

Registration by mail will be on a first-come, first-served basis. Students requesting popular courses should return completed registration forms with payment as early as possible. For more information, call the Summer Opportunities Office at (262) 255-3653.

April 18, 2005

Staffing plan includes fewer positions in 2005-06

Next year’s staffing plan shows a reduction of more than four positions as a result of revenue caps and other state funding issues. Educational Services and Human Resources Assistant Superintendent Dean Schultz presented the plan to School Board members.

Templeton Middle School will see the greatest drop in full-time equivalency (FTE) positions with 3.23 FTEs eliminated in the allied arts area. The high school will lose the equivalency of one position taken from various areas. The elementary schools, including Willow Springs Learning Center, will have the same number of FTE positions as this year despite projections for increased enrollment.

Because of the tight funding scenario soon to be decided in Madison, School Board members were not able to include contingency teaching positions to cover unexpected enrollments that they typically have included in past budgets. Superintendent Kathleen Cooke, Ph.D., said the district is hoping that enrollment will increase in the right areas so that higher student population will allow for state aid to hire additional staff..

“Funding is a problem,” Schultz said.

“This is the tightest budget we have ever had,” Cooke said. “The cuts are the deepest they have ever been.”

The School Board approved in February a move from an eight- to a seven-period day at Templeton. The schedule change lengthened core academic classes, but reduced the number of allied arts classes such as family and consumer education, technology education, art, computer and health. The staffing plan reflected that move.

Included in the Templeton positions are a .2 FTE to support teachers as they integrate technology and a .5 FTE to support struggling students, formerly called “Content Mastery.” Depending on state Legislative action, the district may be able to hire a Templeton Special Education and an elementary Early Reading Empowerment (EME) position.
The district used federal Title One funds this year to hire a .4 EME teacher who worked with selected Lannon students struggling in mathematics. Schultz said that if the state budget supports it, the district will hire a full-time teacher to work with students at the four elementary schools in 2005-06. Administrators will present the School Board with a plan as to how that will happen.

Selected trees will be cut on high school property

About five percent of the trees in the wooded area south of Hamilton High School’s football field will be harvested, bringing the district $6,855 in revenue for the lumber. The School Board approved the bid from Hanson & Leja Lumber Company of Watertown to select cut trees that were identified by Department of Natural Resources (DNR) officials for removal. By removing the older growth, more sunlight will get to younger trees allowing them to thrive. District staff have been working with DNR staff to reinforce the wooded area and allow it to rejuvenate.

Personnel changes approved

In personnel business, the School Board:

  • approved the resignation of Marcy Early Childhood teacher Michelle Schmitz, effective at the end of the school year;
  • accepted the retirement of groundskeeper Harold Becker, effective Aug. 2;
  • granted a leave of absence during 2005-06 for Lannon second grade teacher Lisa Lawson; and
  • appointed Amy Hernandez to replace Kim Krimmer as accounts payable administrative assistant in the Business Office beginning May 2.

Templeton students have good showing at music festival

Templeton Middle School recognized students for their achievement in the April 8 and 9 Wisconsin School Music Association (WSMA) District Solo and Ensemble Festival at Mukwonago High School.

Students entered as individual soloists or part of an ensemble. Each entry was judged with regard to tone quality, intonation development, balance and blend, performance skills, articulation and diction proficiency, and musical interpretation.

Receiving “excellent” ratings and qualifying for the state music at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee were:

Class A:

  • flute solo – Alexandra Koelbl
  • piccolo solo – Alexandra Koelbl
  • piano solo – Ellen Kudronowicz
  • flute duet – Alexandra Koelbl and Kaitlyn Jacobi

Receiving “excellent” ratings were:

Class A:

  • clarinet solo – Ellen Kudronowicz
  • piano solo – Sam Kuehn
  • flute solo – Kaitlyn Jacobi

Class B:

  • trumpet solo – Marc Lundquist; Mark Slinde; Alex Stuth
  • tuba solo – Ian Read
  • flute solo – Shantelle Kind; Alana Strait; Allison Michalek;
  • Arianne Foster; Kristin Souvigny; Jennifer Potratz; Kelsey Steinmetz
  • clarinet solo – Kemi Ajibola; Alyssa Reetz; Sarah Vowels
  • alto sax solo – Marvin Saccucci
  • tenor sax solo – Darcie Adams
  • piano solo – Kristin Fidler
  • piccolo solo – Kelsey Steinmetz
  • oboe solo – Andrea Salus
  • snare drum solo – Kayla Johnson
  • alto voice solo – Tricia Horvath
  • trumpet duet – Alex Stuth, Marc Lundquist
  • flute/clarinet duet – Arianne Foster, Danielle Emmer
  • clarinet duet – Betty Liang, Stephanie Englert
  • sax duet – Darcie Adams, Jennifer Dardich
  • trumpet trio – Chris Jacklin, Kyle Gustafson, Stephen Wright
  • clarinet quartet – Betty Liang, Kim Jobke, Rachel Saeger, Stephanie Englert
  • clarinet choir – Ellen Kudronowicz, Shannon Duenow, Alyssa Reetz, Stephanie Englert, Kim Jobke, Danielle Emmer, Betty Liang, Rachel Saeger, Kemi Ajibola, Lisa Becker, Ashely Mueller, Erica Becker, Beth Buchholz

Class C:

  • trumpet solo – Jessica Gemoll; Krislyn Follmann; Dylan Talerico
  • euphonium solo – Erin Stone; Lauren Little
  • flute solo – Stacy Kurutz; Gabrielle Lyons; Chelsi Reilly; Kim Hillmer; Alizibeth Mikolajczak
  • clarinet solo – Briana Botros; Kyle Klett
  • bass clarinet solo – Caryn Knight
  • oboe solo – Matt Kline
  • alto sax solo – Lindsay James; Lauren Speckin; Corie Spankowski; Jenna Harvestine
  • tenor sax solo – Robert Matthias
  • baritone sax solo – Jake Ferguson
  • trombone solo – Dan Thompson; Bryan Jerde; Kory Sonnemann
  • French horn solo – Kristin Fidler
  • drum set solo – Alex Minue
  • snare drum solo – Steve Deau; Adam Pagenkopf; Josh Yehle
  • alto voice solo – Alexandra Riska; Connie Dunlap; Amanda Rockwell
  • tenor voice solo – Matt Favere; Tyler Dekarske; Taylor Hillman
  • piano solo – Margaret Stollberg; Ian Read; Kim Hillmer; Lauren Little; Sarah Vowels
  • clarinet duet – Briana Botros, Caryn Knight
  • French horn duet – Kristin Fidler, Mike Swartzendruber
  • oboe/clarinet duet – Ellen Kudronowicz, Andrea Salus
  • alto sax-trumpet duet – Dan Barch, Robert Jaeger
  • voice duet – Mike Guzman, Kyle Florence; Shaun Lena, Zach Roberts; Keri Sterle, Maddie Jans
  • flute trio – Chelsi Reilly, Katelyn Youngblood, Katelyn Sasse
  • sax trio – Corie Spankowski, Jenna Harvestine, Lauren Speckin
  • euphonium trio – Lauren Little, Erin Stone, Mike Asmussen
  • drum quartet – Anthony Lee, Taylor Woods, Mike Canales, Adam Pagenkopf
  • flute choir – Stacy Kurutz, Chelsi Reilly, Gabrielle Lyons, Katelyn Youngblood, Samantha Schulta, Stephanie Droese, Jeannine Hall, Katelyn Sasse, Rebecca Voss, Miranda Peters, Stephanie Kirchner, Alizibeth Mikolajczak, Kim Hillmer

Receiving “very good” ratings were:
Class A:

  • piano solo – Mike Guzman

Class B:

  • clarinet solo – Ashley Mueller; Shannon Duenow; Kim Jobke
  • alto sax solo – Mike Nguyen
  • euphonium solo – Ryan Zahn
  • snare drum solo – Jacob Ahlmann
  • alto voice solo – Joylena Eigner
  • flute duet – Arianne Foster, Rebecca Durica
  • flute-clarinet duet – Kristin Souvigny, Kemi Ajibola; Chelsea Spangenberg, Alyssa Reetz
  • clarinet duet – Shannon Duenow, Ashley Mueller
  • clarinet trio – Betty Liang, Rachel Saeger, Danielle Emmer; Lisa Becker, Erica Becker, Beth Buchholz

Class C:

  • snare drum solo – Jordan Kern
  • euphonium solo – Mike Asmussen
  • French horn solo – Mike Swartzendruber
  • trumpet solo – Hannah Wiesneski
  • alto sax solo – Sam Herget
  • baritone-bass voice solo – Sam Kuehn
  • trumpet duet – Mercedez Hernandez, Jessica Gemoll; Colin Germer, Shaun Heitman; Krislyn Follmann, Hannah Wiesneski
  • flute duet – Stacy Kurutz, Alizibeth Mikolajczak
  • trombone duet – Aaron Fiss, Craig Klemencic
  • double voice duet – Amy Kimball, Katie Ruh, Anisha Kuhl, Brittany Holtman
  • sax trio – Matt Blackwell, Jake Ferguson, Robert Matthias
  • trumpet-alto sax trio – Jessica Gemoll, Danielle Lehman, Kelsey Rajchel
  • brass ensemble – Krislyn Follmann, Jessica Gemoll, HannahWiesneski, William Steiner, Mitch Keim, Mercedez Hernandez, Robert Jaeger, Kristin Fidler, Mike Swartzendruber, Lauren Little, Dan Thompson, Bryan Jerde, Erin Stone, Sean Rice, Patrick Meinzer, Mike Asmussen, Jeremy Becker, Ian Read
  • trumpet choir – Krislyn Follmann, Jessica Gemoll, Nate Klafke, Mercedez Hernandez, Mitch Keim, William Steiner, Hannah Wiesenski, Robert Jaeger

Receiving “good” ratings were:

Class B:

  • parade drum solo – Tyler Dahl
  • trumpet duet – Mark Slinde, Tyler Lance

Class C:

  • alto sax solo – Dayton Hoell
    trumpet trio – Maren Wisner, Nate Mundt, Brandon Schroeder
  • flute-oboe trio – Stacy Kurutz, Alizibeth Mikolajczak, Kelsey Gratz
  • flute-clarinet quartet – Kelsey Steinmetz, Kim Hillmer, Paige Schuenke, Kelsey Konkol

Outstanding seniors to be recognized

Hamilton High School will recognize outstanding seniors May 25 at the Senior Awards Ceremony. This is a special night to recognize seniors for their accomplishments as outstanding scholars, athletes, actors and musicians. Students who win scholarships or other awards will be notified they should attend. Parents or students should inform the Guidance Office of outside scholarships received. Parents and other interested students also are encouraged to attend.

For the first time, the ceremony will be held in the Hamilton Fine Arts Center, W220 N6151 Town Line Rd., Sussex. The ceremony will begin at 7 p.m. and conclude with refreshments in the Hamilton High School cafeteria.

Any business or individuals interested in supporting the Hamilton High School Scholarship Program with a scholarship may contact Patti Mitchell at (262) 246-6476 ext. 1134.

Intergenerational party slated at Marcy

Generations will come together May 13 at Marcy Elementary School when fourth-graders in the classes of Barb Schaefer, Barb Gogan and Pam Biron meet their senior citizen pen pals. The students and seniors have been corresponding since November and are excited to meet their new friends.

The Pen Pal project is an off-shoot of the district’s Seniors and Students Program, a collaborative effort between the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) of Waukesha County and the Hamilton School District. The intent of the Pen Pal project is to give students letter-writing practice, both typed and hand-written, learn about life in the past through true stories and make intergenerational connections and new friends. The seniors have many wonderful experiences to share, and the students enjoy their firsthand accounts.

The celebration will include a sing-a-long of old-fashioned American songs, a photo session with student and pen pal, a keepsake craft to make as a souvenir of the day, refreshments and a tour of Marcy Elementary School. To help cover the cost of the event, the students recently held a 12-day ice cream sale as part of their economics unit.

The celebration will begin at 1:30 p.m. in the school gymnasium. Marcy Elementary School is located at W180 N4851 Marcy Road in Menomonee Falls.

Hamilton announces March students of the month

Hamilton High School students representing 11 curriculum areas were selected students of the month for March. They are:

  • Peter Andlar – mathematics;
  • Desiree Brown – art;
  • Matthew Dlobik — music;
  • Christina King — world languages;
  • Chris Koutsios and Erin McLaughlin – science;
  • Le La — social studies;
  • Emily Ladd — communication arts;
  • Brian Nehring — applied engineering and technology;
  • Max Pascale — fitness education;
  • Kristin Sendzik — family & consumer education; and
  • Jong Xiong — business education.

High school seeks nominees for Distinguished Alumnus

Community members are invited to nominate Hamilton High School graduates for the 2005 Distinguished Alumnus Award which will be presented at the June 11 high school graduation ceremony.

People are asked to include the nominee’s name, address and phone number, along with a 50- to 75-word description of why the nominee is worthy of the award. This information should be sent to David Furrer, Hamilton High School, W220 N6151 Town Line Rd., Sussex, WI 53089.

High school faculty members will review nominations and recommend a finalist.

The nomination deadline is May 13. For further information, contact Furrer at (262) 246-6471 ext. 1104.

Lannon Chess Club Tournament results announced

Lannon Elementary School fifth-grader Jordan Kind emerged as the champion of the 2005 Chess Tournament. The winner was determined in the final tournament April 6 after six rounds of play. Third-grader Brian Dennis took second place, with strong performances by third-grader Molly Lucas and fifth-grader Daniel Baker.

Lannon’s Chess Club drew in 50 students this year who met after school on Wednesdays in March to learn and play chess. Templeton Middle and Hamilton High School students assisted the Lannon Chess Club. Lannon third grade teacher Laureanna Raymond again was the club advisor.