May 15, 2000

In one of its most significant duties, the Hamilton School Board approved the 2000-2001 budget that will be presented to citizens at the June 19 Annual Budget Hearing and Annual Meeting. At $30,491,807, the budget anticipates a 2.89 percent increase in student enrollment and a 5.29 percent expense increase.

Jennifer Rude Klett was the only School Board member voting against the budget. She said she would prefer to see additional funds for expanded music programming and an Academic Decathlon team rather than expansion of the kindergarten program.

Business Services Assistant Supt. Alex Dittrich said that expanded kindergarten programs may allow the district to offer additional music programs eventually. State revenue caps prohibit the district from offering additional programs without increasing student enrollment.

Board member Deborah Briggs said she has wanted an orchestra program in the district since she moved into the district as a student 34 years ago.

“I feel it is getting closer to happening,” she said.

Briggs also voiced support for the kindergarten program. Students have greater exposure at a younger age to media and technology, and if we don’t have adequate kindergarten programs, we put them at a disadvantage, she said.

The School Board authorized the administration to negociate a contract with Omni Tech for a technology support contract. Omni Tech from Pewaukee and the distrtict’s current support company, ICS, of Menomonee Falls, submitted bids for one, two- and three-year contracts. Omni Tech’s bids were lower in all three timeframes.

Maple Avenue teacher Terry Fojtik and Michael Fraundorf recognized Hamilton graphics arts teacher Byron Olson for supporting the Project Bridges. Olson’s students did graphic design and created T-shirts for the school project.

In personnel matters, the School board

  • appointed Rebecca Cochran as Maple Avenue 5K teacher, Mary Kuriga as Maple Avenue 5K teacher, Elizabeth Flehmer as Lannon writing resource teacher, Tim Brandt as Hamilton business education teacher, Patricia Coburn as Maple fourth grade teacher and Michelle Prei as Templeton seventh grade replacement teacher; and
  • accepted the resignations of Templeton teacher David Botbyl, Woodside reading specialist Dianna Kresovic and Hamilton communication arts teacher Thomas Weedman.

May 2, 2000

Progress in the Hamilton High, Templeton Middle and Maple Avenue Elementary school site plans were shared May 2 at the School Board meeting.

The high school plan indicates that student achievement will be maximized by:

  • teaching common skills across the curriculum, aligning content with state standards and assessing them with common assessments;
  • meeting individual students needs through development and implementaiton of instructional practices and resources; and
  • expanding use of family, community and business resources and expertise in the school.

Hamilton Principal David Furrer pointed to school accomplishments which have included work on state standard alignment, remediation efforts, skill-deficient student support, writing-across-the-curriculum activities, a four-year technology plan and rubric and performance assessment work.

Templeton’s plan indicates that student achievement will be maximized by:

  • meeting state standards through active, innovative, creative, rigorous learning experiences;
  • collaborating to ensure cross curricular standard implementation, shared resources and learning opportunities, and communication among parents, students and teachers;
  • developing and implementing alternative programs for students who are disenfranchised or facing academic difficulty.

Templeton Principal Patricia Polczynski and Associate Principal Dale Kuntz described the specific steps that will be taken to accomplish each strategy. They also identified Templeton’s significant past accomplishments which includes middle school programming modifications, rubric development, academic interventions efforts, data collection, North Central Accreditation participation, Writers’ Workshop and spelling program implementation and math and writing curriculuar changes.

Principal Randy Kunkel presented Maple Avenue’s site plan which includes strategies that call for:

  • alignment of reading and writing curriculum to state standards and adoption of a buildingwide instructional strategies and assessment scope and sequence;
  • technology integration into the curriculum including training to ensure consistent use among all students and staff; and
  • intervention and enrichment opportunities for all students

Specific areas of accomplishment for the school were in the areas of writing, service delivery system for gifted and talented students, and before and after school enrichment and remedial programming.