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Academic achievement

Test scores and student data in this annual report were compiled from several sources. Wisconsin school districts are required to provide an annual report that compares local district data to statewide averages. Certain charts with statewide comparisons use 2012-13 school year data — the most recent available from the state Department of Public Instruction (DPI). The DPI tabulates local information with data from other Wisconsin school districts to determine school, district and state averages. In some cases, DPI data for the 2012-13 was not available and the most recent information from the state was used.

The Hamilton School District chose to provide additional information as well. In these cases, the most up-to-date information was used.

Wisconsin Knowledge and Concepts Exam

The Wisconsin Knowledge and Concept Examination (WKCE) is one portion of the Wisconsin Student Assessment System (WSAS) program. These exams measure knowledge and skills in five subject areas in grades 4,8 and 10, and two subject areas in grades 3, 5, 6 and 7. WKCE results are reported using a criterion-referenced system. A criterion — or standard — is set and scores reflect whether students achieve at that level. There are four categories of proficiency — minimal, basic, proficient and advanced. Below are the results from 2012-13 WKCE tests given in November 2012.

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Advanced Coursework

Advanced Placement classes are vigorous college-level coursework where high students can earn college credit and prepare  for post-secondaryl coursework. At Hamilton High School, students have the following Advanced Placement options: biology, physics, calculus AB, calculus BC, statistics, English literature, English language, studio art, U.S. history, European history and government. Other courses are offered periodically based on student interest, staff availability and curriculum.


Grade 9 Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12 District  
Math 0 10 13 84 107
Science 0 1 48 41 90
Foreign Language 0 0 0 0 0
English 0 0 36 35 71
Social Studies 0 24 91 23 138
Art 0 0 1 10 11
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Advanced Placement Testing

The College Board offers Advanced Placement (AP) Testing to high school students. Credits earned in the AP program are recognized by the University of Wisconsin System and many other colleges and universities. The table below shows the 2011-12 results.

  # Students
# Exams
# Exams
% Exams
Hamilton High 262 468 381 81.4
State 30,460 50,307 34,205 68.0
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ACT Test Results

This chart shows the ACT results of 2013 graduating seniors who took the enhanced American College Test as juniors or seniors. The test is one criterion for college admission. The results are broken down based on local, state and national averages. The local results are further delineated to show the difference between students who complete core academic courses recommended by ACT and those who do not.


Hamilton-all Hamilton-core State National
# of students 285 230 41,100 1,799,243
English 23.1 23.7 21.5 20.2
Math 23.9 24.5 22.0 20.9
Reading 23.3 23.6 22.3 21.1
Science 23.7 24.1 22.2 20.7
Composite 23.6 24.1 22.0 20.9
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Graduation requirements

Wisconsin law establishes a minimum number of credits required to graduate. Hamilton exceeded the state recommendation.

Subject District State
English 4.0 4.0
Foreign Language 0.0 0.0
Computer Science 0.0 0.0
Math 2.0 2.0
Science 2.0 2.0
Social Studies 3.0 3.0
Fine Arts 0.0 0.0
Physical Education 1.5 1.5
Health 0.5 0.5
Vocational/Technical 0.0 0.0
Electives 15.0 8.5
Total 28.0 21.5
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Graduation Rate

Dropouts are students who stop attending class, have not graduated or don’t meet a set of prescribed exclusions. They do not include students who transferred, have excused absences, died, are imprisoned or hospitalized.

# of Graduates Graduation Rate %
Hamilton 345 95.9
State 68,639 87.5
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