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Mission & Strategic Plan

The Hamilton School District has used Strategic Planning since 1991 to meet the community's expectations for excellent educational programming. Many exciting accomplishments and successes have been possible because of the efforts put into this process.

Strategic planning is a five-year process that concentrates the district's efforts and resources on specific goals and has been a framework for change.

With goals from the first two plans attained, school officials decided to establish a new blueprint that would again raise the quality of education for the community's youth. A team of 33 community members, parents, students, school employees and School Board members drafted a new plan in 2008-09.

For a printable document of the district Strategic Plan, click here.

Engage. Empower. Achieve.

Mission statement -- A statement of the district's purpose

It is the mission of the Hamilton School District,
a child-centered, progressive, pro-active organization,

to ensure maximum achievement
for each student

through a respectful and active learning environment;
a rigorous, relevant curriculum;
and a highly qualified, caring staff

in concert with our diverse community.

Strategies -- what will bring us success

  1. We will ensure rigorous, relevant curriculum and innovative instruction to support maximum achievement for each child.
  2. We will engage and empower students, differentiate instruction and ensure continuous progress for each child by implementing quality assessment practices.
  3. We will focus professional development on the knowledge and skills staff need as they educate students to thrive in an inter-connected, global community.
  4. We will utilize effective communication practices to promote understanding, support and involvement of our families, community and staff.
  5. We will create learning environments that nurture social and emotional development and respect for our diverse world.
  6. We will integrate and assess 21st century skills in the areas of financial literacy, employability skills and technological literacy.

Living Our Beliefs


...meaningful, active involvement
  • spark intellectual curiosity and innovation
  • promote interactive learning
  • utilize real-life, relevant tasks
  • apply technology as a tool for learning
  • involve parents
  • partner with the community
  • connect globally


...enabling all to find success
  • believe in self
  • equip with knowledge and skills
  • build mutual trust
  • promote transparency and openness
  • develop resiliency
  • overcome obstacles
  • believe in others


...reaching our highest potential
  • set and meet goals
  • monitor progress
  • do better today than yesterday
  • inspire and create
  • think critically and solve problems
  • produce quality work
  • build for our future

Objectives -- measuring our goals

  1. By 2014, students will maintain or exceed their individual scores on district and state standardized tests.
  2. Teachers will ensure student engagement by assisting students in setting goals and monitoring their own progress.
  3. Using the 2008-09 school year as baseline data for all subject areas assessed through the Wisconsin Knowledge and Concepts Exam, the percentage of students in grades 4, 8 and 10 will increase in the advanced category and the combined proficient and advanced categories until the Hamilton School District is in the upper third among Waukesha County school districts.
  4. Using 2008-09 WKCE data as a baseline, the proficiency levels of special education students, students in poverty, minority students and English Language Learners will increase each year until they are congruent with the proficiency levels of the general population.
  5. Using the class of 2009 ACT composite score as a baseline, the Hamilton ACT composite will increase each year until attaining the upper third among Waukesha County school districts.
  6. Using the class of 2009 as a baseline, the number of students enrolled in Advanced Placement courses and the percentage of students earning three or above on the Advanced Placement test will increase each year until Hamilton attains a position in the upper third among Waukesha County school districts and an index score of 1.0 or higher on the Challenge Index. (The Challenge Index takes the number of Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate exams given by a school and divides it by the number of seniors who graduated at the school in the spring.)
  7. Using the class of 2009 as a baseline, the number of seniors reporting on the annual post-graduate survey that they will be enrolled in an education program beyond high school will increase each year.