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The Hamilton School District is recognized as a leader in providing a student-centered educational environment that maximizes achievement for all students. Through Strategic Planning, the community's expectations are the blueprint for what public education will provide to this area's young people. School staff members help guide students to success in all areas of the academic spectrum.

The curriculum is comprehensive - preparing students for whatever path they choose following graduation. The district prides itself on a continual curriculum updating process that reflects new programs and materials. Technology is used as a learning tool and is accessible to all students - elementary through high school.

Students' academic skills and talents show in standardized test scores consistently above national and state averages and increasingly competitive with the highest achieving districts in the state. Students also excel in cocurricular activities and athletics.

District enrollments

Early childhood 4
4-year-old kindergarten 248
5-year-old kindergarten 303
Grade 1 321
Grade 2 359
Grade 3 312
Grade 4 334
Grade 5 340
Grade 6 334
Grade 7 329
Grade 8 384
Grade 9 379
Grade 10 355
Grade 11 348
Grade 12 330
EEN out-of-district 12
Empower Academy 9
Total enrollment: 4,701

Community information

Located west of Milwaukee in northern Waukesha County, the Hamilton School District covers about 35 square miles, has about 25,000 residents and serves 4,661 students.

The district serves six municipalities - the villages of Sussex, Menomonee Falls, Lannon and Butler, the town of Lisbon and the city of Pewaukee. Located throughout the district are three municipal public libraries, three golf courses, municipal parks, bike and snowmobile trails and a county park with swimming, camping and ski trails.

Carroll University, UW-Waukesha Center and Waukesha County Technical College are within 10 miles of the district. The proximity to Milwaukee offers residents cultural and sporting activities including professional theater, ballet, symphony, baseball, basketball and football.

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