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Website help and e-mail

Website help

If you are having trouble with the district website, first make sure pop-up blockers are turned off and you have the most current version of Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader. If you still are having problems or you have a specific question for school staff, e-mails can be addressed to one of the following:


    Using e-mail is a convenient way to communicate with school employees about school matters, but when the issue involves a specific student, it is best to contact the school by phone or in person. When school employees write about a student's school progress or performance, the document is considered an official "student record" that must be retained as prescribed by law. Rather than creating unintended paper trails of official records about children, parents and staff are encouraged to communicate face-to-face or via telephone when the topic concerns a student.

    School e-mail addresses

    Hamilton School District e-mail addresses typically are created based on a formula using a person's first and last names. The formula is: [first four letters of last name][first two letters of first name] Richard Smith’s address would be